College: Michigan State University
Status: Sophomore
Major: Criminal Justice
Career Aspiration: Lawyer

College: Moorehouse College
Status: Freshman
Major: Finance
Career Aspiration: Corporate Finance

 College: Michigan State University

 Status: Freshman

 Major: Mortuary Science and Business Administration

 Career Aspiration: Mortician; start a funeral home  business

Braxton Smith

Indya Hunt

​​Men Who Dare Scholarship

2017 - 2018 Recipients

College: Grand Valley State University

Status: Junior (Dean’s list)

Major: Communications 

Career Aspiration: Entertainment Attorney


College: Michigan State University
Status: Freshman
Major: Political Science
Career Aspiration:  Provide a Voice For the People

 College: Saginaw Valley State University

 Status: Sophomore

 Major: Athletic Training

 Career Aspiration: Professional Sports Manager/Athletic  Director

Lauren Cotton

  Tierra Moore

 College: Grand Valley State University

 Status: Freshman

 Major: Engineering

 Career Aspiration: Product Design Engineer  (Automotive or Transportation)

College: Lawrence Technological University

Status: Junior

Major: Architecture & Design

Career Aspiration: Designer

A non-profit scholarship and mentoring organization

College: Tuskegee University
Status: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Career Aspiration: Mechanical Engineer

Jacob Mosley

College: University of Michigan

Status: Freshman

Major: Industrial Operations and Business

Career Aspiration: Supply Chain Management

613 Abbott St., Detroit, MI 48226     (313) 967- 5562

College: North Carolina A & T State University
Status: Sophomore
Major: Computer Major
Career Aspiration:
Software Engineer

 Briana Wright